3 Sweet Facts about Coconut Sugar

coconut sugar

As more and more people are realizing the harmful health effects of commercial and processed sugars, many are starting to look for healthier and more natural alternatives. Perhaps, these health perils led to the discovery of organic coconut sugar.

Although this sugar has been around for years now, it was only recently when its health benefits have been discovered. Not like other sugars, this is more nutritious and has a lower glycemic index, so is there anything else you would ask for?

To further entice you to turn away from processed sugar and say hello to coconut sugar, here are three sweet facts you must know.

1. It is derived from the coconut plant naturally using two easy steps.

Coconut sugar is often confused with coconut palm sugar. But actually, they’re different. While coconut palm sugar is obtained from palm tree, coco sugar is from the tree of life.

The process begins by making a cut on the flower of the tree. That way, it’ll be easier to collect the liquid sap into appropriate containers. And then, the collected sap is heated until all the liquid has evaporated. The resulting product is the sugar itself.

2. It is healthier than table sugar.

Table sugar doesn’t contain any essential nutrients, hence providing close-to-zero calories. But in the case of coconut sugar, there is still an ample amount of nutrients. The reason is that it is not processed.

Although there isn’t much data to support this, research suggests that the minerals found in this ingredient include Calcium, Zinc, Iron, and Potassium. Then again, it is still sugar, containing high amount of calories. For that, you might want to limit your consumption.

3. It is easy to use.

You can use coconut sugar the same way as other existing sweeteners. Add it to your favorite hot drink or mix it to your favored desserts. Either way, the taste is the same. It’s sweet and healthy!

However, professional chefs suggest to take extra caution when baking with this sugar. It has a slightly higher heat point than any other sugar. A general rule of thumb is to cook at least 10 degrees higher than the normal.

Whatever you think of coconut sugar, at the end of the day, it’s all up to you. Think of it as a miracle ingredient or use it as if it’s nothing different. After all, we don’t see any reasons why we shouldn’t use it!

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