7 Tips to Using Coconut Oil in Cooking

coconut oil

From a culinary perspective, coconut oil is so treasured because of its versatility. Not only can it withstand extreme heat; it can also be used as an alternative to butter and lard. But many are hesitant about using it thinking it is very difficult to handle.

Well, there’s nothing to worry about. With these tips, cooking with coconut oil will be as easy as pie.

1. Use ice cube trays to store coconut oil.

To eliminate the need to chunk away coco oil, simply melt it and pour it into ice cube trays. And then, refrigerate it. Once solid state is achieved, pop them out and store them in an air tight container. These cubes should be very handy, especially when you feel the need to toss them straight into the pan.

2. Melt it at 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

The best way to melt coconut oil is to heat it over low heat. At a temperature of 76 degrees Fahrenheit, it should melt quickly.

3. Always have a jar of coconut oil on your stove top.

You never know when you’ll need it. Therefore, it is best to always have a jar of coconut oil near your stove.

4. Replace butter, lard, or shortening with coconut oil.

If you are baking pastries like pies and bread, you can use coco oil in place of shortening or butter. But remember that this oil solidifies if mixed with cold ingredients like milk and eggs. Hence, before adding coco oil, make sure all the ingredients you are using are at room temperature.

5. Drizzle it over lobster or popcorn.

If you think coconut oil has this flavor similar to its meat, then you need to research further. Truth be told, its taste is somewhat sweet and buttery. When it is heated, it makes a perfect drizzle for lobster and popcorn.

6. Transform your boring cup of coffee into something frothy with coco oil.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Turn that early morning coffee into something that’ll put a smile on your face. Add a tablespoon of coconut oil in your cup and whip it up in the blender. Top it with a dash of cinnamon and you’ll get a drink that is truly delicious.

7. Use it to cook almost anything.

For those with very sensitive taste buds, the light flavor of coconut oil is often noticeable. Nevertheless, it should not cause any problem in cooking. In fact, this oil is pretty much ideal for almost all recipes. You can use it in sautéing veggies, toasting bread, or even frying fish.

Cooking with coconut oil isn’t as bad as we thought. With these tips, you’ll be able to rock the kitchen and at the same time, serve the family with healthy and appetizing dishes.

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