9 Benefits of Coffee with Coconut Oil

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Who could resist the fragrant aroma of coffee in the morning? After every sip, we immediately stay awake due the instant caffeinated boost it provides. And besides caffeine, coffee offers an abundance of health perks, most of which are credited to its antioxidants. However, when unrefined organic extra virgin coconut oil is added, coffee becomes enriched with more health benefits.

Let’s have a look at some of the perks this powerhouse tandem offers.

1. It provides energy.

Known to have stimulating properties, coffee can give your body an instant energy boost. Once caffeine enters our system, it increases the release of catecholamines that make the heart beat faster. That explains why coffee drinkers stay alert.

Though coconut oil also provides energy, it does it in a completely different fashion. Unlike the metabolism of regular fats, coco oil bypasses the process since it is made of medium-chain fatty acids. These acids are easier to digest, hence are processed immediately by the liver. And instead of being stored as fat, it is converted to fuel, which is used by the body.

2. It regulates blood sugar levels.

In recent studies, it was found that coffee drinkers are less prone to developing Type 2 Diabetes. In a massive review, individuals who drank a cup of coffee a day were less associated to developing diabetes.

On the other hand, coconut oil does not require insulin to be processed. That means, when consumed, there is no increase in blood sugar levels.

3. It aids in brain functions.

Based on research, women who consumed 4 cups of coffee a day were less likely to become depressed. On top of that, some studies even show that coffee betters brain and cognitive functions.

Likewise, coconut oil betters brain functions. No wonder it is often referred to as a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

4. It encourages weight loss.

By drinking coffee, you are actually encouraging weight loss by 4%. It is because coffee contains caffeine that improves the body’s ability to burn calories.

Due to its satiating fats, coconut oil also helps in weight loss. Moreover, when you consume it before every meal, you instantly feel full, making you want to eat less.

5. It betters the immune system.

Coffee has antioxidants that prevent cell damage and reduces the risk of developing diseases. Also, it aids in alleviating inflammation, too!

As for coco oil, its fatty acids comprise about 50% Lauric acid. This acid is known to help promote immunity, keeping infection and bacteria at bay.

6. It preserves bone health.

For years now, people associate coffee consumption with reduced bone density, but recent shows that it’s only a theory that needs to be debunked. Caffeine does not impact bone health like what people once thought.

To improve bone health, add coconut oil instead. This oil improves the body’s ability to absorb calcium. Thus, when you take it regularly, you become less prone to osteoporosis.

7. It improves oral health.

Researchers found that consuming coffee can protect an individual from periodontal bone loss and cavities. This is especially true in the absence of additives like sugar and milk.

Since coconut oil contains Lauric acid, which is anti-bacterial, any mouth bacteria will be eliminated.

8. It alleviates pain.

Two to four cups of coffee a day is believed to help alleviate joint pain. Moreover, it was also found that it reduces the risk of gout.

Coconut oil, like coffee, can decrease pain associated with arthritis. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it quickly removes pain.

9. It detoxifies the body.

Caffeine usually has an excitatory effect on the body that, when ingested, movement is prompted in the digestive system. When coupled with coco oil, digestive processes are improved because its fats serve as natural lubricants.

So, how much coconut oil do you add to your coffee for a better health? Ideally, it should be no more than two tablespoons a day. Also, one tablespoon of coco oil per cup is great. Now, how do you like the new taste of your coffee?