Cooking 101: The Basics of Cooking

basics of cooking, cooking 101

Mastering the craft of cooking is a never-ending process. Even so, every part is just so rewarding. Well, we each have a reason why we want to learn how to cook. Perhaps, you saw a mouthwatering dish on your favorite food channel or maybe your favorite chef inspired you. Regardless of your reason, it pays to learn the basics of cooking.

The Importance of Reading Recipes Before Cooking

Understanding a recipe before starting to cook or bake will save yourself from a possible catastrophe. So, before you buy the ingredients and slice them, read the recipe twice. Check the number of servings the recipe yields and decide whether it is enough for what you need. Otherwise, double them or maybe cut them in half. Also, review the recipe whether you need to make certain parts ahead of time. You don’t want to waste your time, right?

Reducing the Calories, Fats, and Carbs

To make dishes healthier, try using substitutes for calories, fats, and carbs in recipes. You’ll see you don’t have to sacrifice the taste when preparing healthier meals. For instance, use low-fat dairy products in place of full-fat dairy products. Although it makes sauces or soups thinner, the health perks might be worth it.

Remembering Kitchen Staples

Is your family hungry, but you have nothing to cook? Be sure it will never happen again. By keeping kitchen staples, you will never be left out with no option. You can at least store items like eggs, milk, bread, cooking oils, sugar, flour, and a lot more. And then, restock them once a week.

Cooking Safely

To prevent accidents, make it a habit to cook safely by positioning the handles of pans and pots over the counter. By the way, before anything else, be sure you purchase the right cookware. We recommend you check out stainless steel cookware reviews beforehand to know whether or not a certain cookware matches your needs.

Going back to kitchen safety, stop the cutting board from slipping by placing a damp kitchen towel under it. For sanitary reasons, wash your hands properly, as well as the utensils you will come in contact with.

Technically, there aren’t any specific rules in cooking, but following safe food handling and observing cleanliness in the kitchen are necessary. Then again, everything that is written here should guide you. But if you have any other questions about the basics of cooking or you have anything you want to share, let us know by leaving comments below!

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