Paleo Diet: Almond vs. Coconut Flour

When we talk about flour, all-purpose flour often comes to mind. But truth be told, there are many other types of flour out there that are made from a wide variety of substances – wheat flour, almond flour, tapioca flour, and coconut flour – to name a few.

Among all flour types, only coconut flour and almond flour are very popular in Paleo. For whatever reasons that might be, we’ll learn more about them below.

The Difference between the Two

Almond flour is blanched almonds that are pulverized, then sifted to obtain a fine powdery substance. Because of its rich buttery texture and sweet taste, it is the perfect choice f0r cakes, muffins, and cookies.

On the other hand, coconut flour is made from ground coconut. Though it is very challenging to work with, it is preferred by many bakers because it yields very fluffy delights.

The Pros and Cons

Considering the fat value, organic coconut flour is the champ. Overall, it has a lesser amount of fat and has a much better fat quality. Almond flour has high Omega-6 PUFA content, which may be inflammatory when consumed in large amounts.

Nutrient-wise, both flour types contain significant amounts of micronutrients. While coco flour is rich in copper, manganese, and iron, almond flour has magnesium, vitamin E, and several other minerals that are essential for growth.

Baking with These Flours

Where else are flours used best than in baking! Hence, it only makes sense that you choose a flour depending on your requirements. For instance, if a recipe requires the use of coco flour, it would probably involve plenty of wet ingredients, else the result will be dry and crumbly.

Moreover, these two have different tastes. Almond flour tastes like almond, so it’s great in cookies and pancakes. Organic coco flour has a somewhat sweet flavor, so you can use it in cakes and some other baked treats.

But then again, if you are new to Paleo, it is best to follow recipes as instructed to get an idea on how each flour type works. Eventually, if you already feel confident about using it yourself, you can try and experiment with your own proportions.


There’s no best flour. Both coconut flour and almond flour have perks and disadvantages. The only thing you must keep in mind is that in the Paleo perspective, it’s not about substituting wheat flour with other healthy flour options. As long as you observe moderation, you’ll see that these two are great ingredients.

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