Tips to Choosing a Good Coconut Oil

coconut oil. extra virgin coconut oil

Although the versatility of coconut oil has been known for ages, it’s hard to pick a good type. There is the refined variety and there is also the unrefined one. There are those that are labeled “virgin” and there are also those that are labelled “extra virgin”. So how do they differ from one another?

Well, you are in the right place. Consider this short writing a helpful guide to choosing a good coconut oil.

Refined vs. Unrefined

Refined coconut oil is normally odorless and tasteless. Since it is refined, it can withstand extreme temperatures. That makes it ideal for grilling and baking.

On the other hand, unrefined coco oil is often called extra virgin coconut oil. It is often extracted from the first pressing of fresh coconut. Depending on the extraction process, the taste can either be mild or intense.

Extraction Methods

Once you have decided between unrefined and refined coconut oil, you need to know how it is extracted. Then again, generally speaking, regardless if the coco oil is cold-pressed, centrifuged, or expeller-pressed, the result is still a tasty and healthy oil.

Take note though. When you say expeller-pressed or cold-pressed coconut oil, it doesn’t’ necessarily mean raw. These oils are often heated during the extraction process. Don’t worry because the high temperature does not make the oil go rancid. It’s just that the more heat the oil is exposed, the more “coconut-ty” is the flavor.

Where to Buy Coconut Oil

If you are planning to buy unrefined organic extra virgin coconut oil, Coco Treasure is the place to be. With products certified as USDA Organic, you’ll have confidence in what you’re buying.

In addition to that, this budget-friendly product is obtained from the freshest coconuts grown locally in the soils of the Philippines! It’s perfect for Paleo dishes, baking, and even cooking! It can also be used in your daily skin care routine! Need not to say anything more!

Whether it’s refined or unrefined coconut oil you’re buying, you’ll enjoy all the same benefits. Just make sure that when choosing, you know what you want. That will make it easy for you to trim down your options.