Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil: Your Secret Recipe to a Flatter Tummy Unveiled


Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil- Your Secret Recipe to a Flatter Tummy Unveiled

Unrefined virgin coconut oil (VCO) is a lifesaver, in every sense of the word. For someone who may have spent years fighting pesky flab, utilizing the oil from the Cocos Nucifera tree could be one of the timeliest decision he can make.

If you’re mulling over the merits of VCO, here’s why you need not spend a second more dillydallying – for your own good.

Bigger Waist, Shorter Lifespan

Quite simply, time isn’t on your side. As men and women turn forty-something chances are, their tummies display a bulge that only grows more noticeably as the years go by. No, it’s not just the cop on duty out in the streets that’s guilty of a potbelly; you can observe the phenomenon in older people in your brood.

The sad part’s research has shown the bigger your waist balloons, the shorter your life expectancy here on Earth becomes.

Yes, you heard that right – though the nugget of wisdom may turn your stomach.

Data analyzed from 11 studies of about 600,000 people reveal people who through the years have grown bigger waistlines had a greater risk of dying younger. It appears life-threatening diseases such as heart disease, cancer and lung problems plague pot-bellied citizens of the Earth more than those with flatter tummies.

Published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, one research show that for every 2-inch increase of the waist circumference, risk of early death increased by 7 percent and 9 percent for men and women respectively.

Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil: Keys to a Lighter You

Before you bow your head in resignation, know unrefined virgin coconut oil could give exactly what you need to get those unwanted fats out of your system.

For starters, know not all fats are bad.

Key to a truly successful weight loss – and tummy-flattening – program is to make sure your blood sugar does not go into a rollercoaster up-and-down ride. In short, blood glucose should be steady as it goes.

This is where unrefined virgin coconut oil is spot on. With its army of medium chain saturated fatty acids (MCTs), you get to up your metabolism when you take in VCO.

This translates to more immediate usable energy for you, a bonus you won’t get pounding upon junk foods which contain dangerous fats that serve only to store more flab in your stomach.

As hard as it is to believe, that’s just one of the many ways coconut oil can flatten your tummy.

Organic is Best

Taking a look at Miranda Kerr, who has been a coconut oil user for years, and the supermodel’s seemingly unchanging sexy curves and youthful looks should be a huge testament to the power of coconut oil.

However, there’s a catch to get the best results: insist on not just coconut oil, get unrefined virgin coconut oil. This can be done in so many brilliant ways to spice up your daily use.

Organic VCO ensures all the micronutrients in coco oil – as delicate as they are – have not gone down the drain due to unnatural chemical added and thorough processing.

The distinction will save you all the trouble –  cutting short your journey to a flatter tummy faster.

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