The Uses of Pure Coconut Oil for Pets

pure coconut oil, coconut oil

For years, humans use pure coconut oil in various facets of life. It was used in cooking. It was used to treat diseases. It was even used to make different beauty and cosmetic products. But did you know that this oil is also equally used for pets?

Yes, this incredibly versatile oil plays a vital role in the overall well-being of our fur babies. If you don’t believe that, let the following points change your mind.

1. It is used to treat gingivitis.

Cats and dogs are prone to oral health problems such as inflammation of the gums or gingivitis. By just rubbing this oil on the gums on a daily basis, inflammation and pain can be relieved.

2. It moisturizes the pelt.

As with the body moisturizers we use, coconut oil can be used to soothe the pelt of our pets. To use, you have to bathe your pooch first. And then, apply the oil and gently massage it into the pelt, from the ears to the tail. Make sure to avoid putting it on the paws. Leave it there for at least five minutes and rinse quickly.

3. It fights off viruses and bacteria.

Because of its antimicrobial properties, many pet owners apply pure coconut oil to some minor skin problems to avoid infection. And since it is edible, you don’t have to worry about your pets licking the affected area. It’s completely safe!

4. It improves brain power.

There have been studies that prove coconut oil helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease in humans. That is because of the MCTs or medium-chain triglycerides found in it. Then again, pets can also benefit from these MCTs. Those pets that suffer geriatric problems can consume at least ¼ teaspoon of coconut oil twice a day for basic cognitive support.

5. It can get rid of hairball problems.

Store-bought cures for hairball contain mineral oils. But with coconut oil, you need not to think about anything. It is a healthier alternative to commercial hairball remedies and is an excellent non-petroleum based lubricant for cats. If your feline pal won’t eat her food with it, apply coco oil on the paw or nose.

Be careful though. Pure coconut oil is mostly saturated fats. Like any other supplements, it must be used in moderation. If your pet is on a strict diet, be sure to consider the calorie count of this oil.

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